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The Bible Comes to Life is Israel's premier Bible Study Guided Tour.  We are a travel ministry and education center located in Jerusalem. Founded in 2016 by former Israeli Consul and Director of Israel's Ministry of Tourism, Omer Eshel, TBCTL has quickly become one of the largest and most sought after tourism and ministry resources in Israel.  Our International offices are currently operating in Chicago, IL, Fort Worth, TX and Tijuana Mexico. We offer customizable itineraries to churches and groups around the world, with the main objective of revealing the truth of the Bible through the lens of archaeological discovery in Israel. 

We are proud to host more than 3,000 travelers each year and we have been recognized as one of the most recommended tour operators by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. We strongly believe that traveling to this biblical destination is much more than a vacation, it's a spiritual journey. We are the first Bible Study Tour Ministry to exist in Israel, and are operational as a 501C3 in the United States. We believe that by placing an emphasis on the Biblical and archaeological sites of the Holy Land, churches and ministries who partner with us are able to achieve the highest connection to the word of God and leave with a deeper understanding of the scriptures. The Bible truly does come alive while you're here. 

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What Makes TBCTL Different?

First and foremost, we are a ministry. Loving God and loving people is what we do. We exist to share the good news of Jesus (Yeshua) and bring the Word of God to life for everyone who travels with us. Secondly, TBCTL is the first of its kind. We developed and innovated the first Bible Study Tour in Israel. This means, every location we visit will have deep roots in the Bible, with an emphasis on the archaeological proof and historical accuracies. We make the most of every opportunity to open the Bible and read what God's word says about the places we visit. Biblical education is at the forefront of how we develop our tours and the biggest takeaway for all our travelers. Lastly, TBCTL is completely customizable for churches, youth groups, college students and any other group interested in traveling to Israel. Our tour programs include exceptional hotels, luxury transportation, meals and the best tour guides in the industry. No two TBCTL Tours are alike. They do, however, share one thing in common: an emphasis on the Biblical and archaeological proof of God's Word.

Emphasis On Biblical Education

TBCTL educational videos about the historical places of the Bible were a key feature for Israel's Ministry of tourism prior to our expansion into an official travel ministry.  These educational videos have accumulated more than 350,000 views worldwide and showcase our dedication to Biblical accuracy and the integrity with which we developed the TBCTL model of tourism. We continue to post new and innovative content about the Holy Land, and have begun to expand our platform and Bible Study Tours to Turkey (7 Churches of Revelation), Greece (Life of Paul), and Egypt (Life of Moses). We believe that by continuing to create and develop educational content, we will be able to reach millions and help the Bible come to life, wherever they are.

Tour Guides

All of our tour guides are top government licensed guides with one mission in mind – making your tour the trip of a lifetime. Our guides will be with you throughout your journey and will connect the Biblical history, geography and archaeology of the places you will be visiting, in a friendly and intimate atmosphere. We select our tour guides based on their dynamic personalities and expertise. They are also required to attend months of rigorous Bible training at our TBCTL Education Center in Jerusalem. Our guides are well versed in everything from the Old and New Testament to local culture, history and geography.  Because of our efforts to train and disciple our tour guides, we have built an outstanding reputation for the Biblical context and educational aspect of our tours over the last 6 years. Our guides cannot wait to get to know you and make your experience everything you dreamed it would be – and more!

Ministry Partnerships

We are honored to be the only travel ministry endorsed by David Barton, the CEO of Wallbuilders. Through their partnership, we have been able to deepen our roots in the Christian faith and bring accessibility to the American outlook on Israel and the Middle East. We believe deeply in the impact the Holy Land has on the Christian believer, and how a Bible Study Tour will impact the way they read the Bible and interpret scripture. We consider each church and ministry group that travels with us to be family, and we partner in faith with new churches every year. Our desire is to develop relationships with believers around the globe who have a heart for Israel and continue to pray for the Jewish people. If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact our Texas Office for more information.


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